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OTOBI is the most preferred lifestyle solution brand in Bangladesh. The fundamental story behind this prestige of OTOBI is having modern manufacturing capacity, innovative & stylish furniture designs and one of the largest distribution network.

The Bengali word “OTOBI”, meaning ‘forest’ was strike out by the founder of this institution, Mr. Nitun Kundu. Mr. Kundu, one of the best artists & sculptor of the 20th Century Bangladesh, started this new venture with the urge of providing artistic excellence to the nation what no other could. His studio initially manufactured decorative items, paintings & sculptures under the name- “The Designers”. Later on, this endeavor was named as “Art in Craft” when they started producing metal furniture as another manifestation of their artistic expertise.

At the time of its establishment in 1975, Otobi was the only local manufacturer & retailer of modern furniture in Bangladesh. OTOBI has become more popular because of its quality product and excellent after sales service. The company started producing profit and enhanced the sales and marketing by getting involve with the Engineers were engaged by Kundu followed by the implementation of training by AOTS, Japan. OTOBI provides the entire furniture solution including (Home Office & Hospital) with the creative reinvention pulsating through its operation.

OTOBI is now the market leader of furniture manufacture brand in Bangladesh for having constant innovations, advanced technological expertise, widest manufacturing capacity and so many.

Nitya Gopal Kundu (1935-2006), well known as Nitun Kundu was a prevalent artist, painter, designer, sculptor & industrialist of Bangladesh. His inherent artistic excellence puts him in an elegant position among the Bangladeshi artists.

Mr. Kundu’s greatest talent lay in developing mechanically operative systems for commercial manufacturing of artistic objects and items of utility. This unique approach brought balance between high quantity of production & creative brilliance of the products simultaneously. Mr. Nitun Kundu was honored with the highest accolade of our country ‘The Ekushe Padak’ for the year 1997 for his outstanding contribution in Art and Culture.

The culmination of success of Mr. Nitun Kundu as an artist was through the design and construction of the war memorial ‘Shabash Bangladesh’ at Rajshahi University, the ‘SAARC Fountain’ in Dhaka, The Dhaka High Court Fountain, Kadam Fountain at the National Press Club and the ‘Sampan’ at Chittagong airport. He also designed several national trophies including The EkusheyPadak, National Film Award, International Trade Fair Trophy, President Gold Cup, Asia Cricket Cup, and NotunKuri Award. Alongside many pavilions, gates, stages, decorative lighting, painting covers of many souvenirs and posters and logos display his imaginative works.