Personal Locker

Major material : Mild Steel
Item code : PLOP001MSAD004
Color : Deep Gray
Dimension : 1012(L)x305(W)x1924(H)mm
Available Color :


Worried about security of personal belongings temporary storage!! Athletic Gears, Parts, lunch box, Wallet, Cell phones etc. of gymnasium, beach club, swimming pool, factories & schools can be easily secured with a Otobi box lockers.


  • Locker made of 2.00 & 0.7mm thick Cold Rolled Mild Steel shelves load bearing capacity are 0.5ton.
  • All surface of Mild Steel are mig welded, chemically de-rusted and zinc phosphate coated with oven backed paint finis that confirms anti rust, shiny color and longevity.
  • 18 chambers with individual locking systems
  • Products are manufactured by a complete line of State of the automatic art machines
  • Easy and damage free transportation: Fixed flat box product
  • Free assembly service at home with expert technician
  • One Year Free Service warranty for any manufacturing fault
  • Identification mark : Hologram and Monogram Sticker
  • Packing: Carton & Poly Pack.

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